Bitflow is a library for building flow-based assessment systems. Feel free to check out the examples to get started.


Before you start you need to install the Biflow dependencies and set up the monorepo via yarn boot.

If you want to contribute or develop custom features the easiest way is to start the storybook:

yarn storybook

or you can start the examples via:

yarn workspace example-nextjs-client-side-assessment dev

You can use plop templates for common task by running:

yarn plop

If you want to work on the documentation, start the dev server by running:

yarn workspace website dev


Testing is done with jest. You can find the tests in each package in the tests folder. In order to run the tests for all packages do:

yarn test

If you only want to run the tests for a specific packages do:

yarn workspace @bitflow/core test


If you want to work on the documentation, bootstrap the monorepo and run the
development server.

yarn boot
yarn workspace website dev