React Responsive Datepicker

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This is a React Library for your projects to make datepicker looks great!


  • Awesome UI
  • Customable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Add min and max date
  • Just use Vanilla JS to modify date

And of course Dillinger itself is open source with a [public repository][dill] on GitHub.


npm install --save react-responsive-datepicker

or use yarn

yarn add react-responsive-datepicker

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import React from 'react'

import { DatePicker } from 'react-responsive-datepicker'
import 'react-responsive-datepicker/dist/index.css'

const App = () => {
  const [isOpen, setIsOpen] = React.useState(false)

  return (
        onClick={() => {
        onClose={() => setIsOpen(false)}
        defaultValue={new Date(2022, 8, 8)}
        minDate={new Date(2022, 10, 10)}
        maxDate={new Date(2023, 0, 10)}
        headerFormat='DD, MM dd'

export default App


These are the props to custom your datepicker.

Prop Required Type Default
isOpen boolean false
defaultValue Date null
title string Select Date
showTitle boolean true
minDate Date null
maxDate Date null
onChange (date: Date) => void
onClose () => void
closeText string Close
clearText string Clear
headerFormat Date format
monthNames string[] english month names
dayNames string[] english day names
headerBackgroundColor string purple

Date Formats

  • D to show short day name, etc. Sun, Tue.
  • DD to show day name, etc. Sunday, Monday.
  • d to show date without 0.
  • dd to show date with 0.
  • MM to show month name, etc. January, March.
  • M to show short month name, etc. Jan, Mar.
  • m to show month number.
  • mm to show month number with 0.


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