PWA Ecom UI Template

This is a React/Next.js based template for an ecommerce application, focused on delivering a rich search and discovery experience.
The design is based on the Algolia ecommerce UI design kit and the implementation focuses on performance and customization.


The PWA Ecom UI Template is fully responsive.
Check out the latest version deployed on Netlify.


UI Template mobile preview



UI Template desktop preview


This UI template has two main objectives:

  • Inspire you to create engaging search and discovery experiences.
  • Accelerate your development by providing you with an end-to-end implementation with all building blocks you need. You can re-use 90% or 10% of it and customize the rest – it’s your choice.

Wer’e building this UI template with the following guiding principles in mind:

  • Seamless searching and browsing: navigate the catalog (and more) via a single product listing page for a unified search and browse experience.
  • Mobile-first:: optimized for a cross-device device experience with mobile at the heart of it.
  • Designed with “real-life” constraints in mind: don’t compromise on performance, SEO, or accessibility. As a start, this template reaches more than 90% on all Lighthouse scores.
  • Easily customizable: configure the UI template according to your needs. Create a custom theme, or add new pages to your site.
  • Modular and extensible by design: builds on top of InstantSearch widgets and Autocomplete.js plugins, which can be customized and extended.
  • UX best practices: based on the Algolia ecommerce UI design kit
  • Open source: MIT License

Find more about the key characteristics of this PWA Ecom UI Template in the Used technologies section.

Getting started

You can find the Getting started page in the docs.

Used technologies


The best of the Algolia platform

  • ✅ Search (fuzzy search, synonyms, …) and Browse
  • ✅ AI Re-Ranking
  • ✅ AI Personalisation
  • ✅ Sending Events / Insights API
  • ✅ Advanced Analytics
  • ✅ A/B Testing
  • ✅ Merchandizing
  • ✅ Rules (Banners)
  • ✅ Query Suggestions
  • ✅ Multiple sorts + Relevant sort
  • ? Recommend

InstantSearch widgets

The UI Template uses core and packaged React InstantSearch widgets.

Custom widgets

These ready-to-use custom widgets are distributed as separate NPM packages (only those with with the ? icon for now) or present in this repository.

Core widgets

These core widgets are part of InstantSearch and are customized using connectors:



  • InstantSearch
  • Index
  • Configure
  • SearchBox (virtual)


  • Hits/InfiniteHits
  • Highlight/Snippet


  • RefinementList
  • DynamicWidgets
  • HierarchicalMenu
  • CurrentRefinements
  • RangeInput
  • RatingMenu
  • ClearRefinements


  • Breadcrumb
  • Stats
  • StateResults


  • SortBy
  • RelevantSort

Browser support

The UI template supports the last two versions of the major browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari.


Encountering an issue? Read the FAQ where you will find help for the most common issues and gotchas.

How to contribute

We welcome all contributors, from casual to regular ?. See CONTRIBUTING for more information about the contribution process.

See Installation for instructions how to install the project.


The UI template is licensed under the MIT license.