BaseTable is a react table component to display large data set with high performance and flexibility.


# npm
npm install react-base-table --save

# yarn
yarn add react-base-table


import BaseTable, { Column } from 'react-base-table'
import 'react-base-table/styles.css'

<BaseTable data={data} width={600} height={400}>
  <Column key="col0" dataKey="col0" width={100} />
  <Column key="col1" dataKey="col1" width={100} />

Learn more at the website

width and height are required to display the table properly

In the examples
we are using a wrapper const Table = props => <BaseTable width={720} height={400} {...props} /> to do that

You can use the AutoResizer to make the table fill the container, take the playground for example

You have to polyfil Array.prototype.findIndex to make it works on IE


BaseTable is designed to be the base component to build your own complex table component


The simplest way is overriding the default styles (assuming you are using scss)

// override default variables for BaseTable
$table-prefix: AdvanceTable;

$table-font-size: $bim-font-size-small;
$table-border-radius: 4px;
$table-padding-left: 15px;
$table-padding-right: 15px;
$column-padding: 7.5px;
$show-frozen-rows-shadow: false;
$show-frozen-columns-shadow: true;

@import '~react-base-table/es/_BaseTable.scss';

.#{$table-prefix} {
  &:not(.#{$table-prefix}--show-left-shadow) {
    .#{$table-prefix}__table-frozen-left {
      box-shadow: none;

  &:not(.#{$table-prefix}--show-right-shadow) {
    .#{$table-prefix}__table-frozen-right {
      box-shadow: none;


You can write your own styles from scratch or use CSS-in-JS solutions to achieve that

Custom components

    TableCell: AdvanceTableCell,
    TableHeaderCell: AdvanceTableHeaderCell,
    ExpandIcon: AdvanceExpandIcon,
    SortIndicator: AdvanceSortIndicator,

Custom renderers & props

There are a lot of highly flexible props like xxxRenderer and xxxProps for you to build your own table component, please check the api and examples for more details