TacticalThrows is an informational website aimed for new and experienced CSGO players who are looking to improve their understanding of grenade lineups. It provides a user-friendly UI which encapsulates this game knowledge into one convenient hub.

The website features filterable maps, locations, and grenade types. The lineups are detailed with visual aids like images and videos to help players learn them. It also provides a comprehensive overview on the grenades and how to use them on each map.

Users can also submit their lineups using a form.

Available Scripts

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. The front-end user interface was created using MDB. Open the project folder using VS Code and in the project directory, you can start the website using:

npm start

This runs the app in the development mode. Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in your browser.


Here is an overview of the different pages throughout the website:

Home page

The homepage of the website. Acts as the entrypoint for the user to access other pages, and features a certain lineup of the day.

Mirage page

Contains grenade lineups for the latest version (December 9, 2020) of the defuse map Mirage (de_mirage).

Dust II page

Contains grenade lineups for the latest version (September 21, 2021) of the defuse map Dust II (de_dust2).

Inferno page

Contains grenade lineups for the latest version (June 15, 2022) of the defuse map Inferno (de_inferno).

Grenades page

Contains an overview for Smoke Grenades (weapon_smokegrenade), Flashbangs (weapon_flashbang), and Molotovs (weapon_molotov)/Incendiary Grenades (weapon_incgrenade).

About page

Contains the purpose, intention, and motivations behind the development of the website.

Submit lineup page

Allows users to submit their lineup details through a form.


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