A ReactJS component to render a pagination.

By installing this component and writing only a little bit of CSS you can obtain this:

Pagination demo 2


Pagination demo 1


Install react-paginate with npm:

$ npm install react-paginate --save

For CommonJS users:

import ReactPaginate from 'react-paginate';

Read the code of [demo/js/demo.js][1]. You will quickly understand
how to make react-paginate work with a list of objects.


Clone the repository and move into:

$ git clone [email protected]:AdeleD/react-paginate.git
$ cd react-paginate

Install dependencies:

$ make install

Prepare the demo:

$ make demo

Run the server:

$ make serve

Open your browser and go to http://localhost:3000/

Pagination demo


Name Type Description
pageCount Number Required. The total number of pages.
pageRangeDisplayed Number Required. The range of pages displayed.
marginPagesDisplayed Number Required. The number of pages to display for margins.
previousLabel Node Label for the previous button.
nextLabel Node Label for the next button.
breakLabel Node Label for ellipsis.
breakClassName String The classname on tag li of the ellipsis element.
onPageChange Function The method to call when a page is clicked. Exposes the current page object as an argument.
initialPage Number The initial page selected.
forcePage Number To override selected page with parent prop.
disableInitialCallback boolean Disable onPageChange callback with initial page. Default: false
containerClassName String The classname of the pagination container.
pageClassName String The classname on tag li of each page element.
pageLinkClassName String The classname on tag a of each page element.
activeClassName String The classname for the active page.
previousClassName String The classname on tag li of the previous button.
nextClassName String The classname on tag li of the next button.
previousLinkClassName String The classname on tag a of the previous button.
nextLinkClassName String The classname on tag a of the next button.
disabledClassName String The classname for disabled previous and next buttons.
hrefBuilder Function The method is called to generate the href attribute value on tag a of each page element.
extraAriaContext String Extra context to add to the aria-label HTML attribute.