Electron App

? A ready-to-go with a well-thought-out structure Electron app boilerplate with ReactJS, TypeScript, CSS / SASS modules, SWC, Eslint, Prettier and more.



  • Stands out
    • ? Ready-to-go with a well-thought-out structure
    • ? Auto reload for main and Hot for renderer process
    • ? Window and Screen routing included
    • ? Bridge already configured
    • ? IPC communication included
    • ? Absolute paths supported
  • Technologies:
    • ? Electron
    • ? ReactJS
    • ? React Router DOM
    • ? React Developer Tools
    • ? TypeScript
    • ? Webpack
    • ⚡️ SWC as compiler
    • ✨ CSS / SASS modules
    • ? Eslint / Prettier / EditorConfig / Husky / lint-staged / Commitlint
    • ? Electron Builder


First, install the dependencies by running on the terminal:


That done, just run the project with the following command:

yarn dev

Now, look at the app.config.js file in the root directory, you should update some of that settings with your project branding, also you may notice some of that settings comes from the package.json, update it too as you need.


For all platforms

Check Electron Builder docs

yarn dist

For a specific one

yarn dist --mac
# OR
yarn dist --win
# OR
yarn dist --linux

The compiled apps will be available on the dist folder.


Creating Windows


Structure Overview

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Contributions are always welcome, but always ask first, — please — before work on a PR.

That said, there’s a bunch of ways you can contribute to this project, like by:

  • ? Reporting a bug
  • ? Improving this documentation
  • ? Sharing this project and recommending it to your friends
  • ? Supporting this project on Patreon
  • ? Giving a star on this repository


MIT © Dalton Menezes


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