A react-typescript boilerplate including

  • prettier
  • eslint
  • lint-staged
  • husky

React Typescript Setup


  • TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript, giving you better tooling at any scale.
  • Also a powerful compiler tool which converts typescript to javascript
  • It also adds feature of idetifying errors at compile time rather than scratching our head at runtime?



  • An Code formatter
  • Supports many languages
  • Generate prettier rules here



  • Find and fix problems in your JavaScript code making code more consistent.

  • We already have eslint as an inner-dependency from react-scripts

  • To init eslint config run & choose options accordingly

    npx eslint --init



  • Linting makes more sense when run before committing your code. By doing so you can ensure no errors go into the repository and enforce code style.



  • Whenever we inti Git in our project, it automatically comes with features called hooks.
  • hooks ex: pre-commit, pre-push, etc.
  • If we want to ensure before we actually create a commit using the git commit, that our code was properly linted and formatted, we could write a pre-commit Git hook.


  1. Clone / Download this repo.

  2. Inside the project open a terminal and run:

    yarn install

    This will install all the project dependencies.

  3. To start the development server run:

    yarn start
  4. Prettier commands

    • Run the below command to get a list of all unformatted code in the project.

      yarn run format:check
    • Run the below command to fix the unformatted code!

      yarn run format:fix
  5. Eslint commands

    • We can run the below script present in package.json

      yarn run lint
  6. Run parallel commands at once using concurrently

  • Syntax

     concurrently \"yarn 1st-cmd\" \"yarn run  2st-cmd\" \"yarn run nth-cmd\""
  1. Another great thing about lint-staged is that it automatically does the git add on the modified files. So, if we are doing prettier — write or eslint — fix, we don’t have to stage the changes manually.
  • We do format:fix & run our validate script on the staged files

  • After git add . and git commit -m "message"

    the lint-staged kicks in and runs?





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