Rock, Paper or Sccisors

Rock, Paper or Sccisors is an online game based on the concept of rooms.


Rock, paper os sccisors ??✂️

Api Documentation

Postman Documentation


  • Create a room
  • Enter an created room with a easy code
  • Two player can have access to room created
  • Authentication with code room and name used
  • Game history save permanently

Why I did it ?

Actually this project is a remake of another project on the same game that had been built with Typescript only, the first time when I built it, it helped me a lot to integrate even better the concepts of asynchrony and use different databases.

How did I build it ?

As I already said, the original project was built with Typescript, but it was time to use even better tools and thus perceive how incredible they are, in this project I used React as the main framework.


Use the package manager yarn or npm to install the project.

git clone [email protected]:ayrton08/rock-raper-scissors__react.git
yarn && yarn dev
npm install && npm run dev

How to use

Apart from doing the installations, it is necessary to add the environment variables, in the .env.example file the necessary variables are declared for the project to work, they are mainly related to the Firebase database.


Node Version : > 15v




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