Free Time Tracker Clockify is the most popular free time tracker and timesheet app for teams of all sizes. Unlike all the other time trackers, Clockify lets you have an unlimited number of users for free. Clockify is an online app that works in a browser, but you can also install it on your computer or phone for convenience. Clockify is used by everyone from freelancers, small businesses, and consulting agencies, to government institutions, NGOs, universities, and Fortune 500 companies.

Technologies we used

  • React
  • Redux
  • Chakra/UI
  • MongoDB
  • Express

Installing and Running

To run this application on your local system

  • Clone the Repository
  • Run the Backend Server
  • Authorise
  • Use the application


  • There is login and logout functionality.
  • Elegant navbar for easy navigation between pages and categories.
  • Download Page where all the applications are described.
  • Featutes where all the features of the application are described.
  • Dashboard with Timer to keep track of the tasks.
  • Footer for navigating to different social Media Pages.

Steps to navigate the website:

  • On opening the application the user is taken to the landing Page which have a Navbar to navigate to different Section of the application.

  • On the Landing Page Navbar, user can click on Features in the Navbar to view the different features of our application.

  • User can also view the Download Section to get the information of our application.

  • To access the Dashboard User must be Authorised On clicking the Dashboard Button the user is redirected to the Login Page Where He has To Log In.

  • Once the user has logged in, they are taken back to the Dashboard.

  • On Dashboard The User have the access to the Timer Where he can access,Create,delete,and Update the current and completed Tasks.

  • Dashboard also have a Timer Functionality to keep track Of the task with the help of a timer.

    Home Page


    Downloads Section


    Features Section


    Login Page


    Signup Page



  1. Hitesh Tarwani
  2. Prabhat Singh
  3. Raghav Shukla
  4. Abhishek Kumar
  5. Sukanta Daloi


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