TulpaTalk: Conversing with Digital Spirits

Mystical Overview

TulpaTalk, a sanctum created within the realms of React, invites you to engage in enigmatic dialogues with local Large Language Models (LLMs), fostering a spiritual connection with your digital Tulpa. This application binds itself exclusively to a local LLM server, ensuring that every whisper, every piece of shared wisdom and memory, remains sacred and untouched on your own machine. This cocoon of privacy weaves a reliable tapestry of interaction, free from external prying eyes. Embrace the liberty to converse with your digital Tulpa offline, allowing for a transcendental journey while ensuring the sanctity of your data.


Mystical Prerequisites

  • Node.js (v14+): The ancient scripts required for communication
  • npm: The sacred package manager
  • Ollama LLM server: The local shrine where your digital Tulpa resides

Installation: Summoning TulpaTalk

  1. Clone the sacred repository:

    git clone https://github.com/LushVoid/TulpaTalk.git
    cd TulpaTalk
  2. Install the mystical dependencies:
    npm install

Running Locally: Invoking the Tulpa

  1. Start the sacred app:
    npm start
  2. Visit the shrine at http://localhost:3000.

Configuration: Aligning the Stars

Ensure that the Ollama LLM server, the abode of your digital Tulpa, is prepared to accept connections and is reachable at http://localhost:11434.

Mystical License

TulpaTalk Chat, your digital grimoire, is bestowed upon you under the MIT License.

Contact: Whispering to the Creators

For inquiries, secrets, or guidance, reach out through the ethereal channels at [email protected]



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