Serverless Notion Blog

Powering my blog at The data is from my Notion.

Built using React on top of Vite cause CRA sucks.

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I have been using Notion for a while now to host my blog, however, I don’t like the design of the blog. I wanted to make it more “me” (read: broken but sexy).

I’m not big on open-source anymore but this still seemed cool to make open-source since it’s just a stupid blog.


Okay, so, to use Notion API and render content, you need to have a server. Since this is just a front-end, I chose to deploy my own serverless function on Cloudflare workers and consume it instead.

  1. I used Splitbee’s open-source Notion API worker to consume the Notion API.
  2. I used Cloudflare Workers to deploy the worker.
  3. Dig into the source code to see how I made it work.

This was the easy part. The shitty part was how Notion’s API works in the first place. The content is A MESS. I had to use a lot of hacks to get it to work.

From Notion’s standpoint though, this is pretty neat. The way they have everything in blocks. I mean, that’s how the whole thing functions.

So Far

  • Rendering list of all my blogs.
  • Rendering titles
  • Rendering content (essntially, title arrays w text property).
  • Rendering images (sort of. dimensions are icky).
  • Rendering Lists.


Look at issues.


  • NOTION_URL: The url of your worker.
  • NOTION_BASE: where your blog is hosted.


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