React Fast Marquee

React Fast Marquee is a lightweight React component that utilizes the power of CSS animations to create silky smooth marquees.


If you're using npm, in the command prompt run:

npm install react-fast-marquee --save

If you're using yarn, run:

yarn add react-fast-marquee


To use the component, first import Marquee into your file:

import Marquee from "react-fast-marquee";

Then wrap the <Marquee> tags around any component or text you'd like to slide.

  I can be a React component, multiple React components, or just some text.

A sample file might look like this:

import React from "react";
import MyComponent from "../components/MyComponent";
import Marquee from "react-fast-marquee";

const App = () => (
    <MyComponent />
    <MyComponent />
    <MyComponent />

export default App;


Property Type Default Description
style object {} Inline style for the container div
className string "" Name of the css class to style the container div
play boolean true Whether to play or pause the marquee
pauseOnHover boolean false Whether to pause the marquee when hovered
pauseOnClick boolean false Whether to pause the marquee when clicked
direction "left" or "right" "left" The direction the marquee is sliding
speed number 20 Speed calculated as pixels/second
delay number 0 Duration to delay the animation after render, in seconds
gradient boolean true Whether to show the gradient or not
gradientColor Array<number> of length 3 [255, 255, 255] The rgb color of the gradient as an array of length 3
gradientWidth number or string 200 The width of the gradient on either side
children ReactNode null The children rendered inside the marquee