A simple app that fetch data from marvel API


About the App: Application for android and ios where you can meet all marvel characters incluing heroes and villains.

How to use?

1 – Clone or download the Project to your machine.
2 – Open the project in Visual Studio code.
3 – Execute npm install to restaure nodemodules file and download the dependecies
4 – Now, execute npx react-native start in the project directory to start the Metro Bundle .
5 – with the terminal open in the project directory and the emulator running, Execute npx react-native run-android to install the app on emulador.

About the main components

Search Bar

  • You can search for a character passing the inital caracters name or his/her full name.

Character card

  • You can see the image,series, name and description of character.
  • On click at the card You can see the description and series of character

Setting Button

  • You can see more informations about the app, change the theme and see my github page.
Technologies used : React Native, StyledComponents,Typescript, React Context Api, AsyncStorage.


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