React Simple Chatbot

Easy way to create conversation chats.


Getting Start

npm install react-simple-chatbot --save


There are several examples on the website. Here is the first one to get you started:

import ChatBot from 'react-simple-chatbot';

const steps = [
    id: '0',
    message: 'Welcome to react chatbot!',
    trigger: '1',
    id: '1',
    message: 'Bye!',
    end: true,

    <ChatBot steps={steps} />

React Simple Chatbot on media

  1. webdesignerdepot
  2. blogduwebdesign
  3. codrops

Build with react-simple-chatbot

  1. Seth Loh Website - Personal website of Seth Loh (demo)
  2. Paul's Website - Personal website of Paul Jiang (demo)
  3. Cisco Partner Support API Chatbot - Code with screenshots to have your own Cisco Serial lookup chatbot.

Built something with react-simple-chatbot? Submit a PR and add it to this list!