A simple (and unofficial) GitHub Trending client that lives in your menubar.

Raise App Screenshots

? Screenshots

Raise App Screenshots

? Installation

Download from GitHub Releases and install.

Currently Raise can run on macOS and Windows machines.


If you use an Intel machine, please download the .zip file with its filename containing no architecture. Otherwise use arm64.zip if your hardware is armed with Apple Silicon (M1/M2).


For Windows users simply download the package with .exe extension.

If it’s your first time to open Raise, you might see a screen saying Windows protected your PC. Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from start. Running this app might put your PC at risk.. To bypass it, click More Info and then click Run anyway. This is simply because Raise on Windows is not yet code signed. Read this for your information.

?? Features

  • ? Showcasing GitHub’s trending repos and developers
  • ? Simple and intuitive user interface
  • ? Language and date range filtering
  • ? Dark mode
  • ? More under development

? Tech Involved

??‍? How to Develop

Raise is developed on Node.js v16. Other Node.js versions have not been tested.

Run the following commands in Terminal.app on macOS or PowerShell on Windows:


yarn start

? Build and Deploy

To build and deploy, run the following:

yarn build

yarn release


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