Someone pointed out the React implementation of the list was a bit complex. I figure out it was possible to write an abstraction for this particular case. Here it is!

This component aims to stay easy to use. If your use case needs more options I recommend using directly awesome libraries from Brian Vaughn listed in dependencies section.



npm install --save react-simple-infinite-loading


import React from 'react'

import InfiniteLoadingList from 'react-simple-infinite-loading'

function Example({ items, fetchMore, hasMore }) {
  return (
    <div style={{ width: 300, height: 300 }}>
        {({ item }) => <div>{item}</div>}


react-simple-infinite-loading has only three dependencies:

  • react-window is made to display efficiently large lists. It only creates components for the visible elements and reuse nodes.
  • react-window-infinite-loader is a HOC that loads elements just-in-time as user scrolls down the list
  • react-virtualized-auto-sizer helps you displaying your list so it fits the space available in its parent container.


property name required type description
children yes function The children function should return the jsx for an item of the list. An object is passed as parameter containing item, index, style. You must pass the style to top-level tag of your item's jsx.
items yes array An array of elements. Any type of elements is accepted.
itemHeight yes number The height of an item. All items should have the same height.
hasMoreItems no boolean A boolean that determines if there are still items to load using loadMoreItems function.
loadMoreItems no function A function that will be called each time the list need to load more items.