Creating an infinite scroll with React JS! ♾️

This time, we are going to implement the infinite scroll layout using React JS and other libraries!




Features ⚙️

  1. View cards.
  2. Load more cards while scrolling.


Technologies ?

  • ▶️ React JS (version 18)
  • ▶️ Vite JS
  • ▶️ TypeScript
  • ▶️ React Query
  • ▶️ Rick and Morty API
  • ▶️ CSS vanilla (Los estilos los encuentras en el repositorio al final de este post)


Installation ?

  1. Clone the repository (you need to have Git installed).
    git clone
  1. Install dependencies of the project.
    npm install
  1. Run the project.
    npm run dev


Links ⛓️

Demo of the application ?

Here’s the link to the tutorial in case you’d like to take a look at it! eyes ?


View Github