Simple Login & Registration UI Template using React – Bootstrap 5

An example of React login system project with basic user functionality.


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Why does this repository exist?

Many beginners with basic knowledge are not sure how to start their portfolios; and with this project we want to encourage them to build something that can be applied to future projects, in this case a first part just the front end but that in the future can be coupled in a backend with a connection for example with DB No SQL such as MongoDB


  • You must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, and a little bit of ES6.

  • Make sure you must have Node set up in your machine, check out this tutorial on setting up Node.

    šŸš€Clone the project
    cd login-signup-ui

    šŸ›  Installation and Setup Instructions /InstruƧƵes para instalaĆ§Ć£o.

    1. Installation: npm install

    2. In the project directory, you can run: npm start


Licensed under MIT. You can use this script for free for any private or commercial projects.


Please create a feature-branch if possible when committing to the project, if not then simply commit to master branch.


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