Connecting backend and frontend

It is simple MERN project where you can learn how to connect backend and frontend with simple task list app. You will learn using axios and cors libraries to connect frontend with backend

Tech Stack

Client: React

Server: Node, Express

Database: MongoDB


App Screenshot

Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone

Add configurations for Backend ?

1. Create MongoDB database 2. Create .env file then add mongodb connection url as:

  MONGO_URL = mongodb://localhost:27017/tasklist

3. Go to backend folder

  cd backend

4. Install dependencies

  npm install

5. Change serverUrl in index.js file to your custom url

  const serverUrl = ''

6. Start the server

  npm start

Add configurations for Frontend ?

1. Go to frontend folder

  cd frontend

2. Run:

  npm install

3. Change backendUrl in App.js

  const backendUrl = 'YOUR_BACKEND_URL'

4. Start the server

  npm start


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