Mortgage Calculator React

A simple mortgage calculator as a React component. Using mortgage-js for payment calculations.

Sample App

You can try out the mortgage calculator. Run the following commands to start the sample app.

// Install dependencies
npm install
// Start sample app
npm start

Then open http://localhost:8080 in your browser. If port 8080 is already in-use, the dev server may start on a different port. Look for the following log output: "Project is running at" to determine the correct port.

Usage in Your App

Install the calculator as an npm module.

npm install mortgage-calculator-react

Then include the mortgage calculator in your app and use it as a React component.

import MortgageCalculator from "mortgage-calculator-react";

const reactElement = (

You can also override default props.

<MortgageCalculator price={125000} downPayment={10000} interestRate={0.065} months={120} additionalPrincipalPayment={100} taxRate={0.01} insuranceRate={0.01} mortgageInsuranceEnabled={false}  />

You can also show a full payment schedule.

<MortgageCalculator showPaymentSchedule />

CSS Styling

The calculator uses a default style "DefaultStyle.css". You could create a copy of this file and modify it to achieve any aesthetic for the mortgage calculator.

import customStyle from "./CustomStyle.css";
<MortgageCalculator styles={customStyle} />

Embed in Web Page

You can embed the mortgage calculator into any web page. Simply insert the following HTML.

<div id="mortgage-calculator-react"></div>
<script src=""></script>