catnap notes

simple note-taking application that allows users to create, edit, and delete notes

home page

login/register pages

edit note


  • no email, phone number registration (no user data stored)
  • login with one private key, which was autogenerated and which double hash will be stored in backend (no backend access to ANY user information)
  • full data anonymity (encryption and decryption of notes using hash of private key only on the frontend, backend stores encrypted notes)

frontend made using

  • react + typescript
  • sass / scss
  • redux
  • react router

backend made using

  • actix web
  • sqlx
  • psql

how to run

  • git clone ... the respository
  • cd backend/ – to backend
  • docker compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d – run postgres in docker container
  • cargo run – start backend server
  • cd frontend/ – to frontend
  • npm install – install project dependencies
  • npm start – start frontend server

didnt care about envs in frontend, change api addr by hands in api.tsx file 🙂


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