Simple Notes App

This is a simple notes app built with React and Django.


  1. Python 3.9
  2. Node.js
  3. React

Steps to complete the project

  1. Go to AWS to create an Ubuntu EC2 instance

  1. In the security group add inbound rules for the Jenkins local host and also allow port 8000 to access the TO-DO notes app as it runs on port 8000

  1. Connect to this EC2 instance by SSH/ Instance connect.

  1. Install jdk11 necessary to install Jenkins and then install Jenkins in this EC2 instance, then start the Jenkins server

  1. Also install Docker int the EC2 instance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6

  2. Add user and jenkins to the docker group so that they can also have execution permissions

  1. Open :8080 to access the Jenkins server and install suggested plugins and then login

  1. Create a Declarative pipeline for the entire deployement of the TO-DO Notes app

i) It will clone the git repository to fetch the code

ii) and then it will build images from the Dockerfile

iii) and then that created image will be uploaded to the Docker Hub registry

iv) The image will be fetched from the Docker Hub registry to deploy the application inside a Docker Container

v) Enable Webhooks so that whenever there will be any changesd made in the code repository Jenkins will create a new build every single time

vi) Use Dcoker-compose to start and run an entire app on a standalone host that contains multiple services

  1. Jenkins Build Dashboard for Note TO_DO app

  1. Accessing the TO-DO Note app on port 8000 of the EC2 server



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