Activities Web

Activities Web is a simple React Application running a simple Release Process.


docker pull
docker run --name my-react --rm -p 8080:80

Open http://localhost:8080/

0. Local Rest API

We can use the json-server to fake a full REST API from a simple data/db.json in less than 30 seconds

{ "activities": { "create": 24, "update": 160, "delete": 16 } }

npm install -g json-server

json-server --watch data/db.json --port 5000

1. Local Dockerizing

docker build . \
  -f ops/docker/app.dockerfile \
  --build-arg ENV='test' \
  --build-arg BUILD="$(date "+%F %H:%M:%S")" \
  --build-arg GIT_HASH="$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)" \
  -t act-web
docker run -p 8082:80   --name web --network act --rm act-web:latest

2. Remote Dockerizing

Using GitHub Action

  • Automatic run for each push on master
  • Manual run

3. Docker Registry

Docker Registry

docker pull
docker run --name my-react --rm -p 8080:80

4. Kubernetes

kubectl run my-react --image
kubectl port-forward my-react 8080:80

5. Helm Chart

helm upgrade -i my-react activities-web --repo