React Movie Site

Movie/Tv show streaming site

This is a simple React front end script to stream movies and tv shows for free using publicly available API’s ( & TheMovieDB).


Getting Started

  • Install Node.js if you haven’t already from
  • Download the script zip file from the section above
  • Extract the zip then open your OS terminal in the new folder
  • In your terminal run npm install to install dependencies, then run npm run dev to start the dev server
  • Visit the dev server by going to http://localhost:5173 in a browser
  • Run npm run build in the terminal to build the production files
  • You will get the final site files in /dist which you can upload to your server
  • You only need a static server to host this site, so you could use something like Netlify to host it for free.


streaming-screenshot-1-2022-12-31 streaming-screenshot-2-2022-12-31


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