Webshop application developed using ReactJS. Styling was made using: CSS, React-Bootstrap, Font Awesome Icons.

Application has two main components:

  • REST API (webshop-api)
  • Client App (webshop-app)

Features of bookshop app:

  • Navbar and footer
  • Register and login forms
  • Validations
  • Administrator role for editing and adding books, delete accounts
  • Edit profile information
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Shopping cart
  • Filters
  • Order History

Home page


Shop page


Cart page


Not Found Page


Install and run instructions

  • npm install -g nodemon. Nodemon is a tool that helps Node.js based application development by automatically restarting the node application when file changes are detected.
  • npm install in each component
  • npm start in each component. REST API will run on http://localhost:3001. Open http://localhost:3000 to view client app in your browser


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