React Simple QR Scanner

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A simple React wrapper around browser native BarcodeDetector API.


⚠️ Support is really not good at the moment, but enough for my use case. If I have the time I may try to use the canvas method to have a fallback when BarcodeDetector is not available. You can check here the global support of this API: caniuse


npm i @fabiendeborde/react-simple-qr-scanner
yarn add  @fabiendeborde/react-simple-qr-scanner


name type default description
onScan -required- (decoded: string) => void none Scan event handler (will be called with the decoded string)
containerStyle React.CSSProperties empty object A style object for the video wrapper element
videoStyle React.CSSProperties empty object A style object for the video element
withTorch boolean false Toggle the camera torch (light)
focusMode ‘manual’, ‘single-shot’, ‘continuous’ ‘continuous’ Set the camera focus mode
facingMode ‘environment’, ‘user’ none Specify which camera should be used (if available)


  onScan={(decoded) => console.log(decoded)}

You can also find a really basic example in the example folder of this repository.


If you find a bug or would like to see some new features in this library, feel free to open an issue here. I’ll try my best to look at it and answer you quickly.


Distributed under the ISC license. See LICENSE for more information.


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