Create a Web3 Forum with Polygon

Tutorial Details

Today we’re going to build together a fullstack decentralized forum that can be used in any dapp.

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To us at Pointer, one of the most interesting aspects of web3 is that it facilitates developers to build and share composable behaviors around databases.

Anyone can dig up a smart contract on GitHub, deploy it, and have their own microservice running in seconds.

Not only that, but the stable API exposed by a smart contract is a blank canvas on top of which any frontend developer in the community can build and share components.

In that spirit, today we’re going to build a deployable smart contract and an accompanying React component to add comment threads to your dapps.

In theory this could be open sourced and published as an npm package to allow any developer to quickly add a forum to their dapp.

Here’s what we’re going to build:


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