Application Created with Electron.js & React.js

This version is on experimental test, is no stable at this time (the pwa version is stable version)

drawingMy Simple Tasks Manager – Desktop version

? This is the software version for Linux, Mac & Windows computers, if you want to use the web version (PWA) it’s here

alt text

? Online sites

You can see My Simple Task Manager demo here,

User guide?

For the complete user guide follow this link.

The use is identical to the web version (pwa)

❗ Your operating system version, Linux, MacOs & Windows.

Linux – Download the .deb file Here

Double click on the file & click on install button on the window that appear!

And that’s it, it’s installed.

Mac – Download the .dmg file Here

Classical installation, like other app for Mac.

Windows – Download the .exe file Here

Double click on the exe file!

And that’s it, it’s installed.

❗ Demo on Ubuntu (.deb – all debian versions)


alt text

Start the Application:

alt text

The result:

alt text

Mac – Pictures demo


alt text

Your applications folder

alt text

Add to bottom bar

alt text


alt text

Windows – Pictures demo


alt text

Your app on desktop

alt text

The result

alt text

Uninstall the Application

❗ How to uninstall the Application on Ubuntu (Linux)?

You can uninstall the app with:

sudo apt-get remove my-simple-tasks-manager-desktop

❗ How to uninstall the Application on Mac?

Just delete the app icon on application folder

❗ How to uninstall the Application on Windows?

The classic way, like all other Windows applications.

You want build/compile your own version

Fork or clone directly this repository.

Install the dependencies


Start the App

yarn electron:start


For Linux (.deb package)

yarn electron:package:linux

For MacOS compilation (.dmg package)

yarn electron:package:mac

For Windows compilation (.exe package)

yarn electron:package:win

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