SysPeek System Information Viewer

With SysPeek, users can quickly access vital information about their system, including details about the CPU, memory, storage, operating system, network connections, and more. This user-friendly tool offers a straightforward interface, making it easy for both novice and experienced users.

Tech Stack

CLIENT: React, Hooks, Ant Design 5+, Electron, Node

SYSTEM API: SystemInformation npm package from -> (


  • Get detailed insights into your computer's hardware components.
  • Access info about your OS, Hardware, software, and drivers and many more.
  • Monitor CPU, disk, and network usage in real-time. (in progress..)
  • View IP, DNS, and network adapters information.
  • Check disk space and file system details.
  • Show current detected Bluetooth, WiFi, Printers, USB Devices.
  • Deployable on Windows, Linux, macOS


See SS here.

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Pre Requirements For Local Development

  • React 18+
  • Node, NPM
  • Python with pip
  • VSCODE With ES6+ Module


Clone the project

git clone

Go to the project directory

cd SysPeek-hwinfo-ract-electron-app

Install dependencies

npm install

Start the Electron Project in Windows

npm run electron:start

Project will open in window mode not in browser as normal react app would, Happy Hacking!


Deployment is never been easy before, package.json is already configured for every platform (Window, Linux, MacOs). Just need to run build commands for each platform as follows:

For Windows

npm run electron:package:win

For Linux

npm run electron:package:linux

For MacOS

npm run electron:package:mac

Running these commands will give you a package file (Windows->NSIS .exe) || (Linux->.deb) || (macOS->.dmg).




If you have any feedback, please reach out at [email protected] dont't forget to give us a star if you like this project.


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