This is a template for a simple TinyBase app, using TypeScript, React, and PartyKit.


  1. Make a copy of this template into a new directory:
npx degit tinyplex/tinybase-ts-react-partykit my-tinybase-app
  1. Go into the directory:
cd my-tinybase-app
  1. Install the dependencies:
npm install
  1. Run the server:
npm run dev
  1. Go the URL shown and enjoy!

Other templates

There are six templates for TinyBase, of which this is one:

Template Language React Plus
vite-tinybase JavaScript No
vite-tinybase-ts TypeScript No
vite-tinybase-react JavaScript Yes
vite-tinybase-ts-react TypeScript Yes
vite-tinybase-ts-react-crsqlite TypeScript Yes CR-SQLite
👉 tinybase-ts-react-partykit TypeScript Yes PartyKit


This template has no license, and so you can use it however you want! TinyBase and PartyKit themselves are both MIT licensed.


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