To-do list website made with React JS, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Redux Toolkit and more.

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  • Applied to organize your tasks with the following data: title, description, date, mark as complete and mark as important.
  • Tasks are organized into routes: today’s tasks, important tasks, incomplete, complete, all tasks and tasks by directory (folder). Directories and tasks can be edited or deleted. In addition, there is a main directory called “Main” which cannot be edited or deleted.
  • The list of tasks can be displayed first in: nearest, farthest, complete or incomplete.
  • You can search for any tasks in the search field.
  • Today’s tasks are shown in the user section and in notifications.
  • Tasks, directories and darkmode data are saved to localStorage.


The project mainly aimed to put into practice knowledge of TypeScript, Tailwind, Redux Toolkit and React Js.

Tools used

  • React JS
  • TypeScript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Redux Toolkit
  • React Router DOM
  • HTML
  • Figma (prototyping)

How to test

You can access the project here:

Or run on your machine:

clone project

git clone

go to projet

cd tasks-app

install npm

npm install

start project

npm start


  • Tasks, directories and darkmode data are saved in your browser’s localStorage. You can click “delete all data” button to remove them from localStorage.
  • For demonstration purposes, the application has a default list of 3 tasks and 1 directory called “Main”.


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