Netflix Clone React js

This project is a simplified front end clone of Netflix. It was created with React.js and CSS,It uses the famous Javascript library axios used to make API requests to The MovieDB.
Sijeesh Miziha’s Netflix Clone is bundled with remarkable features that are of the essence for a booming online streaming website. It allows users to watch TV shows, movies online offering various genres like romantic, action,horror,comedy and enjoy watching it on HD anytime, anywhere they want.

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  • Requirements to fork this repo
    • Basic understanding of React js

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In this small project you can play trailers of the Movies..,but we can provide regualar updates with more features and functionalities because the entertainment industry is one of the largest online service businesses. The number of people seeking online entertainment is increasing rapidly. Increased leisure time and easier access to entertainment is driving the market forward.

Tech Stack

  • React,axios,CSS


  1. Clone/Download the repo.
  2. Run npm install.
  3. Run npm start to spin the up the local dev server port 3000.(http://localhost:3000).