Common Ninja for React

A small library for using Common Ninja’s plugins in React projects.

A list of all available plugins, apps, and widgets could be found here:

How to use



Here’s a list of available props for the <CommonNinjaPlugin /> component:


  • pluginId – the instance ID of the plugin.
  • type – type type of the plugin (bracket, faq, comparison_table, etc.).

Not Mandatory

  • muteEvents – set to true if you don’t want your plugin to report engagement events for analytics (views, impressions, custom events, etc.).
  • onLoad – a callback that will dispatch once the plugin has been loaded completely.
  • pluginProps – a string that will be passed to the viewer’s url. Please note that this property isn’t being used in most of apps.


Having issues / questions using this library? Feel free to reach out at [email protected].


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