React Apollo Redux

This library wraps the graphql function from react-apollo function by also dispatching redux actions when a mutation is called.

If you were using

import { graphql } from 'react-apollo';

you may now do

import { graphql } from 'react-apollo-redux';


When a mutation is called, an action bearing the same name (snake and upper cased) and prefixed with @@MUTATION is dispatched. For example, a mutation like this

const FollowItems = gql`
  mutation followItems($itemIds: [ID]!) {
    followItems(item_ids: $itemIds) {

graphql(FollowItems, {
  name: 'followItems',

Will dispatch the following actions with respective types:


@@MUTATION/[name] contains the arguments to the mutation in its payload. For example, if the mutation was called this way

  variables: {
    itemIds: itemIds,
  extra: {

The payload will contain that object.


@@MUTATION/[name]_SUCCESS is dispatched once the mutation result is successfully returned from the server. The action payload contains two things:

  • The result from the server (as specified in the mutation)
  • The arguments (args) passed to the mutation, like above


@@MUTATION/[name]_FAIL is dispatched if the server returns an error. This action contains the same payload as the initial action @@MUTATION/FOLLOW_ITEMS, and has an additional meta property with the error returned from the server.