React Redux based blood donor demo application.

A demo application on react js, with redux. I have used following technologies

  • React js
  • Redux
  • Babel
  • express
  • google-map-react
  • lodash
  • react-bootstrap
  • react-helmet
  • react-router
  • redux-logger
  • webpack

API is developed using sails js and mongo (will open it soon).

Its just 1.5days old project. Lot of things planned to add to it.

Future plans:

  1. Add unit tests, selenium testing.
  2. Deploy it to continous integration (codeship is my choice)
  3. Create react native app.


Deploying on heroku

To deploy it on heroku, we need to set config NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION = false. So it will install dev dependencies (webpack).

Deploying to docker

Dockerfile is already added to this project. To deploy it on docker.

docker build -t reduxnor .
docker run -d -p $PORT:$PORT reduxnor