A social media web app with basic functionalities that I created after following the instruction from a Youtube video.


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  • Sign up, log in, log out
  • Create posts
  • Like and unlike posts
  • Toggle dark/light mode

How to run locally:

  1. Clone the code
  2. Create a .env file with MONGO_URL, JWT_SECRET, and PORT variables
  3. cd into /server
  4. run “npm i express body-parser bcrypt cors dotenv gridfs-stream multer multer-gridfs-storage helmet morgan jsonwebtoken mongoose”
  5. run “node index.js”
  6. cd into /client with a new terminal
  7. run “npm i react-redux @reduxjs/toolkit redux-persist react-dropzone dotenv formik yup react-router-dom@6 @mui/material @emotion/react @emotion/styled @mui/icons-material”
  8. run “npm run start”


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