Basic TicTacToe REACT.JS

I Make a “TicTacToe MINI GAME” with these technologies:

Languages and Tools:

css3 html5 javascript react typescript

List of components for this project:

  • Routes Page
  • Start Page, include: NewGame – Setting – Share
  • Share button: copy url
  • AI interaction player
  • Multiplayer interaction player
  • Go back btn for pages routes & components
  • Sound effect for movement 🙂
  • LocalStorage for DarkMode/LiteMode & Custome Special Board
  • Responsive For Mobile
  • PWA – Web Application
  • Multiple language
  • Error 404 page
  • Custom .gif for winning or some movement. ex: confetti gif 🎊
  • input custom Name for users
  • Custom type of game. ex: play with bot/cpu OR two players/ friendly
  • Watch history of game.
  • Random name for bot/cpu OR selecte custom name for bot
  • Navbar



Check Demo DEMO


npm i && npm start


View Github