A collection of lightweight React components and hooks to build diagrams with ease.

? Why?

Javascript diagramming libraries are often difficult to integrate in React projects.

Different patterns not always fit the React nature and having a component's state in in sync with an external
diagramming library might be quite difficult especially when the latter had been built in a different paradigm (such as MVC, for example).

For this reason we created beautiful-react-diagrams an easy-to-customise functional diagramming library to build
diagrams with ease.

? Principles

  • Lightweights: import nothing but a single lightweight javascript.
  • Controlled components: exports controlled components only.
  • Renderers: the involved components can be easily replaced with your own by using the renderer props.
  • Easy to style: built using CSS vars only.

☕️ Features

  • Concise API
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to customise