Timetender v0.1.0

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1 Description

During my high school, I use Excel as a todo list to manage my tasks such as homework. It’s time to make a more powerful version by React.

It follows these rules:

  • x-axis is the calendar (each column is a date), so it’s infinite
  • y-axis is task list (each line contain only one task), expanding

And with classifying by color and tags, it can be more powerful.

1.1 (eliminated) Excel Concept

1.2 Now Project

2 Usage & Development

2.1 Docker

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 titanrgb/timetender:v0.1.0

2.2 Node.js

2.2.1 Requirements

Node.js v16.16.0

2.2.2 Installation

npm install --legacy-peer-deps

2.2.3 Start Server

npm start

2.2.4 Frontend Development

npm run react

2.2.5 Frontend Compile

npm run build

3 Built With

4 Reference

5 License

MPL 2.0

Copyright © 2022-PRESENT GitHub@TitanRGB/Timetender , All Rights Reserved.


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