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Build composable software

Bit is a toolchain for composable software development. With Bit, you can build anything in components.

It’s built to end monolithic applications and unlock a distributed form of development that is far more scalable, collaborative, and consistent.

Bit allows you to create components that are independently developed, versioned, and can be composed together via dependencies to build anything. Every component can be used and updated in many different applications.

Architectural pains that stem from monolithic development no longer exist; Scalable workflows for autonomous teams, collaboration, rapid delivery, shared components, and even micro frontends become a native and effortless way of work.

Bit comes with native support and best-practice dev environments for most web technologies such as TS, React, and Node, and can be easily extended to support just about anything.

It provides features such as Workspace, Components, Dev Environments, Scopes, and Dependencies (which allow the composition of components and collaboration between developers).

Bit is developed with Bit and you can find all its components on Bit Cloud Here.

Getting Started

To get started with Bit head over to the Community and Documentation site and try the Quick-Start guide to get up and running in a few minutes, or the longer Getting Started section to try the full tutorial.

Want to learn more? Try the Thinking in Components section.

Bit and Bit Cloud

To use components in multiple projects and to collaborate with other developers you can host components in a Remote Scope. You can set up and host a remote Scope on any server!

Bit Cloud is a platform where you can host components and enjoy advanced features for team management, discovery, consumption, integration, and collaboration. Bit’s cloud platform is home to over 200,000 developers and OSS communities, and hundreds of organizations, from early-stage startups to the world’s largest enterprises.

Contributing ?️

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, is always appreciated. Before contributing, please read the code of conduct.

See Contributing.

License ?

Apache License, Version 2.0 Analytics


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