React speed typing game

Test your typing speed with this small react project

speed-typing game

how it works

  • Click start button
    • The keyborad focus with automatically be in the input field
      • Input field will be enabled for typing
    • The time will start counting from deafult time which is 30 secs
    • At the end of the time you will see how many words you typed in as many seconds
      • input field will be disabled
      • The function below will return the exact word count without spaces

       	function calculateWordCount(text) {
       			const wordsArr = text.trim().split(" ")
       			return wordsArr.filter(word => word !== "").length

React feautures covered

  1. Hooks

    • useEffect
    • useState
    • useRef
    • custom hooks
  2. Functional components

Quick start:

$ yarn # npm install
$ yarn start # npm start

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Happy Coding!