VITUAL KIWI – Your personal virtual pet

img of the home page

The App:

Kiwi is a bird that requires a lot of attention during his entire life-span, just like the real pet would. This app allows a registered user to care for and raise their own Kiwi, by feeding and playing, taking him to the vet occasionally, and of course helping him with homework. Kiwi grows every 24 hours, but its needs happen throughout the day and must be met otherwise kiwi passes.

img of a young chick img of an adult bird with no feathers img of a cemety stone saying rest in peace

The Story:

As a collaboration/contribution initiative, a team of 1 backend, 1 UI/UX, 1 frontend, and 1 scrum master got together to tackle a random project. The chosen project was a virtual pet with the original tamagotchi (own zero rights) as example, to be made in 1 week.

In spite of the difference in timezones, holidays, and other difficulties along the way, the MVP is here.


  • Client: ReactJS, CSS
  • Server: NodeJS, ExpressJS
  • Database: MongoDB
  • SCRUM: Github Projects

Running it

  • Fork this project and clone it
  • Run npm install on the root
  • Run npm run dev to start the server
  • On a second terminal, run cd client and then npm install to install the client dependencies
  • Then run npm start and go to localhost:3000


DB_URI=mongodb+srv://YOUR: [email protected]/YOURDB


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