Vulnerable REST API – OWASP 2023

A vulnerable RESTful application written in Node and React based on OWASP API security top 10 2023 edition. Common API vulnerabilities and attack scenarios are also included to make it more comprehensive.


How to install

Option 1: Run on Docker (recommended)

git clone
cd vulnerable-rest-api/

Add your SMTP credentials and provider in server/smtp_config.list. I personally recommend the elasticemail:

  • Create an account
  • Navigate to settings/Create SMTP Credentials
  • Edit “server/smtp_config.list” and add your credentials
docker-compose up --build

Access the Application

  • Client: localhost:3000
  • API: localhost:3001

Option 2: Run on Your Machine (Manual Installation)

Make sure you have already installed Node and MongoDB on your system.

  • Client Setup
  • Server Setup
    • Set your SMTP credentials as environment variables based on server/config/custom-environment-variables.json
    • Make sure the mongodb service is running
      • cd server/
      • npm install
      • npm install migrate-mongo --dev-save && npm run db:up
      • npm start
      • The API is available on http://localhost:3001


  • API1:2023 – Broken Object Level Authorization
  • API2:2023 – Broken Authentication
  • API3:2023 – Broken Object Property Level Authorization
  • API4:2023 – Unrestricted Resource Consumption
  • API5:2023 – Broken Function Level Authorization
  • API6:2023 – Unrestricted Access to Sensitive Business Flows
  • API7:2023 – Server Side Request Forgery
  • API8:2023 – Security Misconfiguration
  • API9:2023 – Improper Inventory Management
  • API10:2023 – Unsafe Consumption of APIs
  • Bonus
    • Injection
    • Web Cache Deception
    • Weak Implementation of Reset Password (Account Takeover)


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