Talent Musica – Onboarding new music talents into web3.


Talent Musica is a web3 DApp that allows young music talents to upload their songs or performance as NFTs into the Talent Marketplace. Producers, Music Promoters, and other music industry talent scouts can review various videos from talents and contact any talent they love their work.

The core feature of the app is that we don’t play middle men. Talents get contatced by music producers who like their work.

Our goal is to harness the power of blockchain in music industry, we can onbaord new music talents into the web3 space and incentivise them.


This project is a Hackathon project sponsored by DevPost – Spheron dAppAthon. The project aims to create an on-chain music Dapp where young music talents can upload their creation and mint it to the talent marketplace as Video NFTs. If users like the music, such artists can be contacted on their Twitter handles. Producers and Managers who look at the work of any upcoming artiste/talent can get the talent and sign a contract with him/ her.

Talent Musica

Talent Musica

Talent Musica

Talent Musica

How to use the DApp

  1. Visit the DApp on https://talent-musica-mantle-8ca153.spheron.app/ +2

  2. Connect your wallet

3.(a) If you are a talent (Contenbt creator) and want to upload a new work, click on New-Music and fill the form accordinly and select the video. Video assets is stored on IPFS / Filecoin and metadata of asset sen to Blockchain.

(b) if you are a producer, promotor or manager, click on Explore and see various submitted works from talents. Go through them and contact talents you like through their twitter.

  1. Talents can also record live using the Go-Live link. This allows you to perform live with the DApp. Thanks to Livepeer Protocol.
  2. You can chat with users using the XMTP chat platform

Web 3.0 technologies Used

Frontend: vite + react.js, postcss, tailwindcss, web3 technologies: Moralis, IPFS/filecoin, LivePeer, ethers.js, PolyBase, Biconomy Backend: Solidity, Node.js BlockChain: Mantle, Shardeum (Liberty2)

Demo / Live Links

Live Dapp – https://talent-musica-mantle-8ca153.spheron.app/

Deployed to Mantle: 0xfBeFdC343861EDc521dD2512B4B64B33bB663E4d

Deployed to Shardeum Liberty2x: 0xfBeFdC343861EDc521dD2512B4B64B33bB663E4d

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