Airbnb Clone

✨ About The Project

  • In this project, I made an airbnb project with “Code with antonio”. How to use modals in general in my project, how to use nextjs and prisma together, how to use nextAuth package of nextjs, how to signIn with github or google, how to use nextjs together with typescript, how to optimize operations such as map and calendar and integrate them into the project. I’ve worked with things and I think it’s a pretty cool project.

📌 Build With

🔍 Setup

  • Clone the project with “git clone”

  • After cloning the project, by following these steps, you will fulfill the project requirements.

    • install with npm:
    npm i
  • After downloading the requirements, run below codes:

    • Run with npm:
    npm run dev
    • Run with yarn:
    yarn dev

    📧 Contact

Mucahit Tasan – LinkedinE-mail


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