GeoGit – v2

The second iteration of GeoGit built with React and hosted with Vercel.

Previous iterations: v1

🌎 About GeoGit

Allows users to search for top GitHub users by location. Results are then displayed with their respective GitHub statistics. Users can enter a city into the search box to view the top GitHub users from that location. Note: The displayed results are based on the location provided by the users themselves on their GitHub profiles.

GeoGit interfaces with the GitHub API to fetch the top users for the specified location. The primary metric for ranking is the number of followers, but this may change in future iterations. The app displays profile details of each ranked user, such as their profile picture, username, full name, follower count, number of public repositories, and a direct link to their GitHub profile. Due to API usage restrictions, only 10 users are displayed at a time.

🔧 📚 Tools & Libraries

React – For Building the user interface. Tailwind CSS – For styling elements. Vite – Build tool and development server.

📦 Packages

Cobe – Globe elements. DotENV – For managing enviornment variables. React Icons – For icons. React Router Dom – For routing SPAs. React Select – For autosuggest user input.

🛠 Setup and Installation

Make sure you have Node.js and npm installed.

Clone the repository

git clone

Navigate to the project directory

cd Geo-Git-v2

Install dependencies

npm install

Run the app in development mode

npm run dev

🎨 Color Reference

Color Hex
Dark Gray #070707 #070707
Lighter Gray #A1CEFA #A1CEFA
Darker Blue #3B82F6 #3B82F6
Normal Blue #60A5FA #60A5FA


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