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An app to organize and track your downloaded anime.

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?️ Usage and Conventions

  1. Install the app

  2. Select a directory where the program should work on by pressing alt -> click MyPersonalList -> Change Data Directory. It’s suggested that the directory contains nothing but anime directory.

  3. Move all your animated series into the anime directory directly. The system only recognize directories directly inside anime to be series, but not recursively.

Something like this:

Selected Dir
├── anime
│   ├── Haibane Renmei
│   ├── Mushishi
│   │   └── Unrecognized Anime
│   └── Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
└── Unrecognized Anime
  1. Start Using The App!

?️ Features

Some screenshots are placed inside assets directory.

  • Filter by Tags
  • Filter by fuzzy search
  • Storing Metadata per series
  • Stockpile Insight
  • Watch Scheduling
  • And More!


  • AniDB (Or MyAnimeList) integration, so that you don’t have to write everything manually
  • English and Japanese title

⛷️ Installation and Running

Before installing this project, make sure you’re using the newer version of Node. After that you can install it simply by executing yarn command.

yarn start

⛰️ Building and Packaging

When you execute below command electron-builder will create an executable package for your OS (I think). If that fails, try to play around with .electron-builder.config.js file and the electron-builder docs.


yarn build


Only available after you execute yarn build

# Windows
yarn package:win

# Mac
yarn package:mac

# Linux
yarn package:linux


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