Generator generator is a React application that takes basic information about the user’s project as an input and generates a README file which the user can upload directly in their project’s repository.

General Information

  • For people who are starting and uploading their very first project on a GitHub repository, are often unaware about the importance of a README file. A README file is very important for a user to justify their work and also for other people who are trying to understand their project.
  • They are not familiar with the syntax and rules of the markdown language to create and edit their markdown files on GitHub. As a result, they often avoid making one and just upload their projects without a README file.
  • To solve this issue, we made a React application that will take in the basic information about the user’s GitHub project and create a README file for them that they can upload directly in their project’s repository.

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS


  • Contains 12 unique fields to display project details.
  • No knowledge about markdown syntax is required.
  • Simple UI
  • You can see your rendered markdown output at the same instance.
  • Download markdown code direclty with one click.


Some Examples Of different types of inputs


Followig are the requirements to run this project:

  • Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • React


You can use this website to generate readme files in markdown language without actually writing in markdown ;).

Code Examples
  • To run this project in your device, download the repository and open terminal in your editor and run command…

npm start

  • Or you can directly visit

Project Status

Completed and open for your contributions.


  • A seperate tab for rendering markdown output can be introduced so that output can be visible in mobile view also.

Features that can be added

  • A database can be introduced where user’s unsaved changes and previously created readme files can be displayed/introduced.
  • Functionality that allows users can create their own sections.