? Socket.IO IRC

A private chatroom for discussing secret stuff.

The Problem

  • Almost all chatapps nowadays aren’t safe enough for private communication
  • There’s a high risk that big tech company will take your chat data and sell them to third parties (like ads company)
  • I wanna mess around with Socket.IO

The Solution

I’ve made a simple yet nice-looking chat app that allows people to connect to it and chat with each other. All the chat history will not be recorded by the server and will be completely gone after users refresh their page.

? Screenshots

Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 5 48 31 AM

? Technologies Used

skills skills skills skills skills skills skills

⌨️ Setup

If you want to run the website on your local machine:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/melvinchia3636/IRC
  2. Install all required dependencies using npm install.
  3. Run npm run dev on the client side.
  4. Configure your Wifi such that port 3000 is opened.
  5. Share the link http://\[your_public_ip\]:3000 to your friend
  6. Enjoy chatting!

? Status

This project is still under development, new features are being added constantly. If any bugs are found, please file an issue here, and I’ll resolve it ASAP.

? Inspirations

A chat app will definitely be a great enhancemenet for your portfolio, right?

? License

Copyright © 2022 Melvin Chia Licensed under MIT.


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